Wheelchair Ramps for Homes by Atlanta’s Friends of Disabled Adults & Children (FODAC)

Friends of Disabled Adults & Children (FODAC) has recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. The FODAC mission statement is, “At FODAC, we exist to glorify God by enhancing the quality of life for people of all ages who have any type of illness or physical disability. If we can help you, please contact us!” Since 1986, FODAC has distributed more than 19,000 wheelchairs to persons of all ages with disabilities and special needs!

The Ramps for Champs program provides wood ramps and home modifications for people who have any type of illness or physical disability in the north Georgia area. The FODAC office is located at 4900 Lewis Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30083. The offices can be reached by telephoning 770.491.9014.

As a non-profit organization, FODAC offers many volunteer opportunities to people in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Volunteer hours are from 9am to 5pm, and by appointment for community groups on Saturdays. FODAC is seeking volunteers to perform the following duties (quoting from the FODAC website):

  1. General mechanical and or electrical skills for wheelchair repair and hospital bed assembly.
  2. Clerical duties
  3. Equipment pick-ups
  4. Ramp building for homes in the Atlanta area
  5. Computer technical skills
  6. Thrift Shop volunteer work at Lewis Road shop in Stone Mountain
  7. Building maintenance and beautification at Stone Mountain office

The Contact Person is Dianne Ramsey, the Volunteer Coordinator. She may be reached by calling (770) 491-9014, by appointment at 4900 Lewis Rd, Stone Mountain, Ga. 30083; or by email at volunteer@fodac.org.

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