Is a Wheelchair Ramp or a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) a Better Choice for Your Home?

Mobility is something that is often taken for granted; that is, until the need for using a wheelchair, scooter or walker makes it a challenge just to get around, let alone up and down stairs. Aging in place design anticipates such difficulties, making it easy to navigate through potentially difficult or impossible obstacles in your home. Which is the best mobility choice for your Atlanta metro home – a vertical platform lift or a wheelchair ramp?

EZ-Access Aluminum Modular Ramp

EZ-Access Aluminum Modular Ramp

Wheelchair Ramps
Wheelchair ramps for homes are ideally designed with features to give the mobility challenged person the feeling of safety and security while transitioning from one level to another. Equipped with side rails and a pair of raised edges on both sides of the ramp, the ramp provides safety for the wheelchair user. They include:

  • Flexibility – Wheelchair ramps can be configured to access any entrance on your home.
  • Durability – Aluminum wheelchair ramps are lightweight and strong. They are weather resistant and require little upkeep or maintenance.
  • Installation – Installing an aluminum wheelchair ramp can typically be completed in a matter of hours.

Bruno Vertical Platform Lift

Vertical Platform Lift (VPL)
Vertical platform wheelchair lifts carry the passenger, in the safety of his wheelchair, to the desired level or levels. The vertical platform lift has a backup power source in case of outages.

This powerful lift offers:

  • Weight Capacity – The weight capacity of the platform lift varies, averaging 750 pounds
  • Flexibility – The VPL is capable of making multiple stops
  • Remote Contols – The VPL has easy to use controls

Is a wheelchair ramp better than a vertical platform lift for your Atlanta or north Georgia home? Your choice of a wheelchair ramp or a vertical platform wheelchair lift is dependent largely on your space, budget and needs. Don’t stay limited, request an in-home consultation to determine which might be the best mobility option to meet your needs.

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