Affordable Wheelchair or Scooter Ramps for Your Atlanta Home

Have you encountered a recent life-changing event due to a disabling accident, or have you recently experienced the debilitating effects of a progressive illness? If you have experienced something of this nature recently, you may be in need of accessibility modifications to your home to gain entrance.

If you think that one of the things you will need is an affordable wheelchair or Copy of Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC 100' Ramp 016scooter ramp for your Atlanta home — you are probably in the early stages of researching to answer a wide variety of questions, such as:

  • How much will my ramp cost?
  • How steep can the slope be on the ramp and still be manageable?
  • If the ramp is required to have a shallow slope, how long will it be?
  • Is it possible to have a ramp built in a few days?

You may have many more questions than these, and Atlanta Home Modifications is prepared to answer your questions. Visit the Atlantic Home Modifications website for a wide range of information about portable aluminum ramps and stationary wood ramps.

For more information, call us today at 770-880-3405. We will be pleased to answer your questions on the telephone to assist in your planning, and are available to conduct a home assessment to help you plan to construct an affordable wheelchair or scooter ramp for your Atlanta home.  You may also reach us through the contact form on our website.